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KVM 1 $11.00/mo. CPU Core(s): 1 Disk Space: 20 GB Monthly Traffic: 1 TB RAM: 1 GB IP Addresses: 1 Order
KVM 2 $21.00/mo. CPU Core(s): 1 Disk Space: 40 GB Monthly Traffic: 2 TB RAM: 2 GB IP Addresses: 1 Order
KVM 4 $42.00/mo. CPU Core(s): 2 Disk Space: 80 GB Monthly Traffic: 4 TB RAM: 4 GB IP Addresses: 1 Order
KVM 8 $84.00/mo. CPU Core(s): 4 Disk Space: 160 GB Monthly Traffic: 5 TB RAM: 8 GB IP Addresses: 1 Order
KVM 16 $110.00/mo. CPU Core(s): 6 Disk Space: 320 GB Monthly Traffic: 6 TB RAM: 16 GB IP Addresses: 1 Order
KVM 32 $210.00/mo. CPU Core(s): 8 Disk Space: 480 GB Monthly Traffic: 7 TB RAM: 32 GB IP Addresses: 1 Order

Free Bonuses (KVM 4, KVM 8, KVM 16, KVM 32 only): ClientExec billing tool (with cPanel only), domain reseller account

Note: you need at least 20GB of disk space to run any control panel.

Additional Server Features

No Setup Fees
1-hour Account Activation
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24/7 Technical Support
Full Root Access
OS Options
Administration Options
Full SSH Access
Weekly Data Backups
Reselling Options
eNom Domain Name Reseller Account
Control Panel Installation
Hepsia (unlimited domains, no root access) $0.00/mo.
cPanel licenses: from $20.00/mo.
Extra Dedicated IPs
1 IP Address $4.50/mo.
Administration Services
Installation & Troubleshooting $65.00/hour
FREE Features with Hepsia CP
VPN Traffic 5 GB
Dropbox Backup
ModSecurity Firewall
Memcached Optional
Redis Optional
Node.js Optional
Varnish Optional
InnoDB Databases
Guest Users
Accounts 5